News: Monster Marbles: Turf War Now Out

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Monster Marbles: Turf War is a free-to-play mobile game that draws on elements from games like Angry Birds and 8 Ball Pool

Adults and kids alike will be instantly hooked on this addictive mobile game that uses angles and power to strategically knock marbles off the board.  It is an excellent way for kids to learn force and trajectory. Monster Marbles is a great game for parents and even grandparents to connect with their kids and grandchildren!

Refine your skills in single player classic and attack campaigns, or play quick 1-vs-1 random matches.  Prove you are the best by competing against players from around the world in tournament-style play to win the Monster Cup!

This strategic game requires skill, a true aim and consideration – how much power should you put into your shot? What angle should you hit the marbles from? Which marble should you hit first?

Ready for your next obsession? Let’s play!

Key Features

  • Hundreds of classic, attack, multiplayer levels

  • Random online matching with players from around the world

  • Tournament-style play in the Monster Cup

  • 80+ fun monster skins

  • Collect gold and purchase different skins from the Monster Shop

  • Play against friends in real-time or turn-based action

  • Campaign and monthly tournament leaderboards

Cash loan apps on the rise?

As featured in Learnbonds guide to loan apps Cash Apps is the go-to quick cash app for instant approvals. Cash Apps is only one of several payday loan apps Learnbonds reviews but the speed by which prospective applicants are approved is one thing which separates the app from its competitors when we took a look at the app ourselves. In fact, application decisions are communicated back to the applicant on the same day they make their applications, by email no less, keeping the process convenient and speedy. Cash Apps is also somewhat different to the rest of the fast cash app players in the market in that they have a varied interest rate depending on your credit worthiness. This means those with bad but not necessarily poor scores can still get loans with APR% rates conclusively more competitive than the majority of Cash Apps competitors. Fast decisions, fast payouts and a potentially competitive interest rate means Cash Apps looks to be one of the strongest payday loan apps in the market in 2020 and beyond and certainly offers a competitive financial product in the crowded fast cash payday space.

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News: Snoopy Snow Brawl Will Teach You How To Code

Sharing this press release with you:

The free game will be featured during Computer Science Education Week’s Hour of Code initiative from December 4 -10th

PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — codeSpark Academy, the award-winning computer science education platform for kids ages 5 to 10, is teaming up with one of the world’s most beloved kids’ brands, Peanuts, to release today, Snoopy Snow Brawl, a free-to-play game that introduces little learners to fundamental computer science and coding concepts.

Snoopy Snow Brawl ignites a passion for programming through a fun game with recognizable and lovable Peanuts characters. The multi-player coding game encourages young kids to use problem solving, strategy and algorithms in a snowball fight between Woodstock and his bird friends that Snoopy referees. They can also learn cryptocurrency concepts while having fun! In addition to that, they can also earn crypto coins/tokens as a reward for completing a task or beating a game level. And the earned crypto can be securely stored in the best bitcoin wallet app available out there.

Kid coders can engage in silly battles with or against friends, or against the computer, in either one-on-one or two–on-two challenges.? Other features and functionality include:

●      A warm, engaging and familiar Peanuts experience

●      Interactive puzzles

●      Step-by-step tutorial

●      Word-free block based programming

●      Four different stages for learners at every level

●      Authentic Peanuts music and voices

●      A game that is a perfect match for the holiday season and the annual excitement around A Charlie Brown Christmas

“We are so honored to have been asked to create a new category of coding game with one of the world’s most-loved brands,” said Grant Hosford, Co-founder and CEO of codeSpark Academy. “The rich legacy of the Peanuts gang inspires our team and with Snoopy Snow Brawlwe believe we’ve created a learn-to-code game for youngsters that lives up to the brilliance of Charles M. Schulz and encourages a lifetime love of learning.”

The game focuses on the concept of sequencing and allows players to practice their coding skills in a variety of silly and fun ways. Research has shown that after just three sessions with codeSpark Academy, kids score 22% higher on sequencing tests.? Skill with sequencing has a direct and positive correlation with improved math and reading scores.

Coding also requires kids to think critically and creatively when solving problems. Snoopy Snow Brawl increases access to quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning opportunities for K-5 students and is a featured activity in’s Hour of Code initiative during Computer Science Education Week from December 4-10, 2017. Over 150 million kids in more than 180 countries have participated in Hour of Code since it was launched in 2013.

“codeSpark has demonstrated great care in bringing the Peanuts gang to a new audience of young coders while developing Snoopy Snow Brawl,” said Roz Nowicki, Executive Vice President of Peanuts Worldwide. “Being able to collaborate with them during Hour of Code is a great opportunity to share the joy of Peanuts, along with the critical tools of programming and STEM skills, with this younger generation.”

“Engaging kids during the Hour of Code can give them a sense of confidence and delight, breaking down stereotypes associated with Computer Science,” said Hadi Partovi, Founder and CEO of “With Snoopy Snow Brawl, codeSpark has created a fun learning experience that has the potential to inspire a love of computer science.”

Snoopy Snow Brawl is playable for everyone until January 15, 2018. ?Parents and public schools can download the codeSpark Academy app, which includes Snoopy Snow Brawl, for free. Teachers who complete the free registration will also receive a 20-hour curriculum and other supporting materials. To date, codeSpark Academy has been used by 20 million students worldwide in over 200 countries.

Snoopy Snow Brawl is available in the codeSpark Academy app on iOS, Android and on the Web at and you can check out the tutorial video here.

About codeSpark Academy:

Headquartered in Pasadena, codeSpark Academy is an award-winning computer science education platform for kids 5 to 10 years old. The app turns programming into play with a mix of curriculum based lessons, powerful creative tools and lovable characters called Foos. codeSpark Academy is the most used coding app for young kids and is played by millions in over 200 countries. Co-­founders Grant Hosford and Joe Shochet are dads and serial entrepreneurs who’ve built world-class mobile products for leading companies like Disney, Idealab, and eHarmony.

About Peanuts Worldwide:

The PEANUTS characters and related intellectual property are owned by Peanuts Worldwide, a subsidiary controlled by DHX Media and the family of Charles M. Schulz.


Neko Atsume – Kitty Collector 

What do you do when you have two fluffy cats in real life but can’t handle taking care of more?

one of my cats in real life

 Well, download Neko Atsume, of course!

The game has been around since 2014 (and updated recently in September) but I only discovered it recently while in the car with my husband’s niece. She told me she was busy waiting for Tubbs (the fat white cat on the lower left) to come  when I found myself watching her “yard” with interest.

She identified each cat by name, and showed me how to “attract” feline visitors to the yard.

“You can’t own the cats,” she said, “but you can take a picture of them.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is Neko Atsume Kitty Collector as explained by a very smart 10-year old named Pia.

Cats are odd little independent creatures who prefer a coolly distant relationship with their human friends. They will wander into your yard if you have food and toys. They will stay a while and then leave with parting gifts (cats don’t do that in real life unless if it’s to gift you with a dead mouse).

The gold and silver fish on the lower left represent currency to buy all sorts of food and toys to attract cats to your yard. (Cue that one hit wonder, 2003 Kelis song if you still remember … My cake box brings all the cats to the yard …) 

You can collect money  from gifts from cats or if you buy gold fish (fancier stuff) using real money.

The next challenge (a very mild one) is finding which toys and food will attract rare and not so rare cats to your yard. In real life, though, boxes often do the trick!

These cats come in different colors and patterns as well as a variety of purrsonalities.  Not sure if there’s more to it than that, or if the kitty bio can help us figure out how to attract rare types.


And the photos:

The great thing about this app is that unlike other free to play games with timers and the like, where you have to constantly monitor the game for freebies, you can enjoy Neko Atsume offline. In fact, the app  recommends that you suspend or reopen it to refresh and check on your yard. In other words, no need to watch it like a hawk. You can have a life outside of your phone.

Some minor inconveniences in the user interface aside, this cute game is for kids and busy people who want a fun, no strings attached kind of gaming relationship with their phone.

Happy collecting!

p.s. If you love cats, check out my cat’s Facebook page – BB the ragdoll cat ?

Rating: 4.5/5

Download: Neko Atsume – Kitty Collector

Price: FREE (with in app purchases)


appSIZED is ba-ack!

Apologies for the unexplained hiatus.

The founder, Editor-in-Chief and Girl Friday of this solo-driven app reviews site got married in November in Buenos Aires and has been busy ever since.

Rest assured that the gamer in her is still alive and kicking, and in fact, a mini version is also on the way.

As always, the format and way of presenting app reviews is a constant challenge to this solo reviewer but I hope to share with you the apps and games I’m into these days.

Also, the unique new offering of Apple, Test Flight, has enabled me to check out beta versions of games in development. Feel free to include this reviewer in your pool of testers!

Thanks for your patience and I look forward to more appventures with you!

Have a great week ahead!



Sale Alert! Azkend 2 HD is FREE this weekend!

From the guys at 10tonsltd, known for Miriel the Magical Merchant and Heroes of KalevalaAzkend 2 HD, the sequel to their popular match three adventure Azkend is FREE this weekend. The iphone version is free, too.
I haven’t played this game yet but I hope to review it soon. I do know that if it’s from 10tonsltd, it must be good!
Download links:
For iPad – Azkend 2 HD
For iPhone – Azkend 2

Now Playing: Appointment with F.E.A.R. on iPhone and iPad

If you are a comic book fan and a gamebook fan, then Appointment With F.E.A.R. is right up your alley. This classic gamebook written by Steve Jackson is Tin Man Games’ latest outing and adapts for the iOS the mechanics of a classic gamebook with an interesting new twist.

Appointment With F.E.A.R. parodies many familiar comic book heroes, villains and locales. As the main hero of Titan City, your job is to keep the city safe from an assorted lot of evildoers and thugs. Mainly, however, your mission is to prevent the meeting of F.E.A.R., a powerful organization of baddies, from taking place. Without much clues and only three days to do it, the challenge is to do the superhero stuff and be a detective at the same time. Oh, and as in typical super hero stories, your superhero identiy is a secret and you are a meek newspaper reporter by day (Clark Kent? Peter Parker?) with a mean boss.

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Now Playing: Valiant Hearts – The Great War for iPhone and iPad

It is 1914 and you are in the middle of World War I. You are an ordinary soldier, thrust into the power struggle between great European countries, to serve as fodder for protracted battles on the ground.

The App Store’s Editor’s Choice of the week Valiant Hearts: The Great War relives the confusion and nightmare of the war, told through the eyes of ordinary folks called upon to serve their country. Just as war, in its broadest sense, is just the game of the generals, it is ironic to see the game make out of a high stakes ‘game’ that cost lives.

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FREE for a limited time: Heroes of Kalevala and Unstoppable Gorg for iPad

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that two excellent games are FREE this weekend. These are old favorites of mine and have stunning graphics and solid gameplay.

Heoes of Kalevala is not your typical match three game – it is in fact, one of the very best out there. It comes with a story culled from Finnish mythology featuring eight (8) distinct heroes and a village building mechanic, keeping you hooked on finishing levels to populate your village. It landed in appSIZED’s list of Top 10 Games and Apps for 2010 together with 10tonsltd’s other game Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery.
Link: Heroes of Kalevala HD (for iPad)
Developer: 10tonsltd
Unstoppable Gorgis a one of a kind tower defense game with loads of personality and a really tough learning curve. What’s nice about its is that you rotate your towers along a certain path to fend off incoming enemies from all sides. It’s pretty tough. In between you have B-movie black and white clips that perfectly capture the retro sci fi vibe of the 1950s. In 2012, it was selected by appSIZED as one of its Top 10 games for the year.
Developer: Futuremark Oy

Now Playing: Sentinel 4 – Dark Star for iPhone and iPad

It’s been a while since indie developer Origin8 came out with a sequel to their award-winning tower defense (TD) series, Sentinel. However, Sentinel should be familiar to those who’ve been gaming on the iPhone and during the time when tower defense games were just starting to shine. With a long absence from the TD scene, does Sentinel 4 – Dark World measure up to the TD games that have come out since its hiatus?

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