iOS App Review: Hupa-Hupa! HD

Hupa-Hupa! HD offers its own refreshing take on the Angry Birds formula thanks to its colorful look and feel, and twists to the gameplay, with just a touch of whimsy. As far as Angry Birds clones or wannabes, Hupa-Hupa! HD is worth a second look.

Hupa-Hupa! HD is not about birds versus pigs, it’s about elephants versus monkeys. Shooting different types of projectiles (rockets) from an elephant’s butt to take out enemy monkeys is the game here, and you only have a certain number of rockets per level.

You can choose to play Hupaphant Kate or Will, or choose the Hupa Baby for an additional $0.99 via in-app purchase.

Seeking to offer something different from Angry Birds, instead of just static towers and obstacles, there are little variations here, such as a moving target (e.g. the Ferris wheel in the opening levels) or a cleverly protected trampoline. The dynamic and playful monkey antagonists also make the game a little more challenging and fun.

The colorful and vibrant worlds of Hupa-Hupa! HD is a pleasant place is to be, and the eye-popping, shiny and polished graphics are a big plus.

Gameplay-wise, Hupa-Hupa! HD adheres to the Angry Birds formula with just a few twists, but the corresponding controls are often not up to the task. More often than not, a misfire occurs while trying to set your aim, which is frustrating and annoying. Moreover, the screen is big by default so it’s hard to see the scene in its entirety without having to pinch to minimize the screen.

Angry Birds has undoubtedly evolved from iPhone sensation to cultural phenomenon, and there are tons of games that seek to capture the whimsy and solid gameplay of Angry Birds in the hopes of being just as successful. Some of these clones suffer from inferior design and lack of originality; others may sport better graphics yet fail to connect to the player. The problem with Angry Bird “clones” is that sometimes, it’s not just about copying a winning formula, nor even improving upon it – the elusive x factor that makes a game inexplicably popular is often the missing ingredient.

Setting aside the similarities in gameplay, Hupa-Hupa! HD can stand on its own merits as a “clone” or wannabe. The graphics are well done and the cheerful music and sounds give off a happy vibe. I can imagine that this game will be a hit with the kids, who will definitely appreciate the overall package.

App: Hupa-Hupa! HD (iPad)
Price: $3.99
Copy: Provided by the developer
Developer/Publisher: Pelixion Ltd.
Ver: 1.0

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