iOS App Review: A Verse A Day – Start of a Beautiful Day

(Today’s review is brought to you by Mr. Carl Agripa, guest reviewer on appSIZED.)

Wouldn’t it be great if you read something good at the start of your day? This app from YFactory just gives you that with their application A Verse A Day (AVAD).

I just love simple applications. AVAD is one of them. AVAD is your digital dose of Biblical verses to guide you through the day and it’s presented in a very simple, easy to use app. AVAD provides a very clean user interface – you won’t have a hard time looking for a verse.

Upon launching of the application, AVAD divides the verses into five main categories — Today’s verse, I, We, Christ and Faith. The verses resonate with certain themes or concerns of our daily lives, such as stress, for example. The categories can be selected by rotating the wheel on top of the application.

Here’s one that I’ve selected for all of us who are always tired because of our daily activities:

For devices running iOS 4.0 and higher, you will receive the verses in the form of notifications. I was pleasantly surprised when the verses popped up on the screen of my iPod.

The user interface is not only clean and elegant, the presentation of the text is sleek and stylish. The soft, muted colors enhance the text and the text layout is clutter-free. Another great thing about AVAD is that the developers promise to add new verses on a monthly basis. This new content is absolutely free. You can also share your favorite verses via message, email or Facebook with a simple tap.

In today’s increasingly complex world, sometimes all it takes is an inspirational quote or two to feel recharged and motivated. If you want a modern take on reaffirming your faith, then it’s apps like AVAD that do the trick. So for those who want to start the day right and read a verse from the Bible, this application is for you.

App: A Verse A Day – Start of A Beautiful Day (iPhone/iPod Touch)
Price: $0.99
Copy: Provided by the developer
Developer/Publisher: YFactory
Ver: 1.0

Carl in his own words:

An Apple addict, moviegoer, bookworm, photography enthusiast, rocker and blogger. These are the exact words that best describe my interests and hobbies. An Electrical Engineering graduate and programmer as a profession, this proud Iskolar ng Bayan is privileged to share with you my insights on anything about Apple — from iOS devices, Mac, it’s applications and OS X. I hope you find interest in reading my articles here in AppSized as well as my personal blog My Macintosh and Me and Ramblings.

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