Sale Alert! Ace Player, MegaApp, Save Our Sheep and Accordeon, All Free!


Today’s crop of apps are all awesome freebies –

1) AcePlayer (Universal) – I personally can’t enough of media players gone free! Check out this versatile media player with a nice file management system for your songs and movies.

2) Save Our Sheep HD (Universal) – Tower defense/3D action powered by unreal engine? Is this the Infinity Blade of cuteness?

3) MegaApp (iPad) – a toolkit of apps including a calculator, flashlight, unit conversion, etc. Also has a nice user interface.

4) Accordeon (iPad) – an app that Steve Jobs liked and even demoed, the developers are holding a one-week sale in his honor. If you like music apps, then you should find out why Steve Jobs himself liked this unusual musical instrument app.

Have more apps and games to suggest? If I missed anything, feel free to leave a message in the Comments section!

Happy (app) shopping!

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