Engineered for a Major Comeback: The iPod Touch 5th Gen in Review

iPod Touch 5th Gen

iPod Touch 5th gen with matching stylus

All but forgotten? The iPod Touch has been around since 2008, as a budget-friendly alternative to the iPhone. However, I must admit that when I stayed up to watch the (anticlimactic) iPhone 5 launch, it wasn’t the much hyped iPhone that caught my attention but its svelte, stylish sibling making a comeback – the all but forgotten iPod Touch.

When I chanced upon the beautiful blue 5th generation iPod Touch in an Apple Reseller store, it was love at first sight. Luckily, what started out as an impulse purchase became my boyfriend’s birthday gift to me. 🙂

happy birthday to me!

I know most people are set on upgrading to the iPhone 5. However, for those who are on the fence about upgrading their iPhones but would like to benefit from the iPhone 5 experience (taller display, better performance, thinner device, etc.), then this review is for you.

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Doodle Jump for iPad

From the small screen to the big screen, the lovable Doodler holds its own. Should you still buy the iPad version if you already have it on the iPhone? appSIZED says “Yes.”

Game: Doodle Jump for iPad
Price: $2.99
Developer: Lima Sky
Copy: Provided by developer, upon request

If you’ve ever played Doodle Jump on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you are probably wondering if you should spend another $2.99 on Doodle Jump for the iPad. Here’s what I can tell you:

Doodle Jump is one of the top selling iPhone apps of all time, and the adorable Doodler, for some time has only enjoyed the spotlight on a small screen. The iPhone version was such a hit for a number of reasons: its price ($0.99), the fairly regular content updates given for free, and the fun, unique “jumping” experience on a small device.

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First impressions: Doodle Jump for iPad!

The top selling iPhone game of all time is now out – Doodle Jump for the iPad is here! Should you get it? That’s what I intend to find out myself 🙂 check out my doodles, er notes, on the subject:

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