Review: Supersonic HD

Great music meets racing in the incredibly addictive Supersonic HD, a dizzying and exciting ride into a world of color and sound.

I must confess that I’m not into racing games so much – largely because I am clumsy and I find it hard to use the iPhone or iPad’s tilt controls properly. I usually give up quite easily until I came across Supersonic HD. Supersonic HD a unique music/racing game, which lets you “drive” on a cosmic musical tunnel. The basic objective here is to collect diamonds for points/credits and survive for as long as you can.

There are two game modes, Classic and Blitz. If you earn enough points in Classic mode, you can use the equivalent credits to buy special power ups for Blitz mode (also available via in-app purchase).

What is amazing is the combination of the ambient techno music and the fast moving neon tunnel full of obstacles. Just like a racing game, you tilt your iPad to move, catch diamonds and swerve to avoid obstacles. Because the road twists and undulates according to your movement, the result is an incredibly fun and challenging ride.

The tilt controls are quite responsive, and fully adjustable. The game isn’t easy to master, though, and it will take several tries to get the hang of it – at least in my case. An additional practice mode would be great to become more acquainted with the controls.

As I’ve said before, I’m not much of a fan of neon art, but this one of those instances that the design works well with the music. The 3D graphics and more importantly, the fluid animation are extremely well done. The effect is mesmerizing, and you’ll want to do it again once you hit game over.

This game is highly recommended for those looking for music or racing games, or both. For those looking for a different kind of iOS game, you are encouraged to put this on your list of games to try out.

Game: Supersonic HD (Universal)
Price: $1.99
Developer/Publisher: Kuuasema
Copy: Provided by the developer
Ver: 1.0.5

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