Review: Island Tribe HD

More of a click-based time management game than strategy-based gameplay, Island Tribe HD nonetheless is a pleasant enough time waster.

I’ve played a fair number of building type of sim games, and there is something incredibly addictive about watching a mini-world come to life by building roads, structures, and gathering resources. The fun behind these games is the building part, and this is where popular PC port Island Tribe HD differs from your usual building game.

Island Tribe HD focuses more on mobilizing your tribesmen to gather resources and perform certain actions in order to meet certain goals (e.g. repairing roads, finding treasure, restoring destroyed totems, etc.) and dealing with various problems, such as putting out fires, etc. In this regard, there’s plenty to do but not much creativity or strategy involved.

However, this doesn’t mean that the game isn’t enjoyable. The graphics are cute and colorful, while the in-game music and effects are pleasant. Gameplay is essentially stress-free so you can proceed at your own pace. A nice touch is that the map is only revealed if you have enough resources to proceed exploring your level.

After a while, though, the game starts to feel a bit repetitive because you just keep doing the same thing over and over. There’s not much challenge here, except when figuring out which resource gathering structures should be restored and upgraded to finish the level faster.

Island Tribe HD Is simple enough to learn and master for the average gamer, but if you’re into the likes of Royal Envoy this game might feel a little too simple. Nonetheless, for its price and production values, it’s recommended that you pick up Island Tribe HD.

Game: Island Tribe HD
Price: $2.99
Developer/Publisher: Realore
Copy: Provided by the developer
Ver: 1.0

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