Flappy Bird – 1, Mankind – 0

I decided to hop on the Flappy Bird bandwagon after seeing an ominous Facebook post warning the rest of the world that no matter how bored you are, DO NOT download Flappy Bird. Apparently, this game which has been out since May 2013, recently and mysteriously went viral.

That kind of a warning is the surest way to get someone interested in this quiet little game that suddenly went viral. Kids everywhere are playing it, adults like myself can barely get past the first pipe!

The game certainly doesn’t score points in the looks department. I instinctively look for Mario and perhaps a colorful red and white mushroom to pop out. The art here is rather plain and dull looking.

Flappy Bird has generated enormous attention as the game du jour with some writers mystified and frustrated about the game’s soaring popularity. Maybe because it’s free? Maybe because it’s supposed to be simple but it’s not? Is it because this game unites both iPhone and Android users, therefore, the entire smartphone toting world? Are mobile games going downhill? Whatever reason it may be, it’s undeniable that Flappy Bird now gets 15 minutes of fame the same way Candy Crush took over the world for some time.

Perhaps the game’s real secret is its infuriatingly simple premise : just get past the spaces between the darn pipes by tapping on the screen to propel your flappy bird. Tap too hard and you will hit the pipe. Tap too slowly you fall into the pipe instead. Timing and excellent eye to hand coordination is the name of the game. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it seems.

For some reason, Flappy Bird is more of a tappy bird, in my humble opinion, but knowing this doesn’t make me push past my all time high score of four.

Myth Defense (Light Forces) in Review: Too Damn Hard!

As I’ve said many times, tower defense games are a dime a dozen in the App Store and it takes a lot for one to stand out.

Myth Defense – Light Forces sounded intriguing enough when I first checked it out. Unlike most games, it offers extensive customizability of its towers and offers a skill tree of sorts where you can choose what kind of upgraded towers you want, say whether you want it launch arrows or fireballs. You can also boost tower performance by combining various runes and enlisting the aid of dwarves, elves, etc. to create more powerful towers.

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The Treasures of Montezuma Series in Review for iPad and iPhone

Treasures of Montezuma
Match three puzzle meets strategy in the in Treasures of Montezuma (TOM), now out with two more sequels: Treasures of Montezuma 2  and Treasures of Montezuma 3. Read on to learn more about this explosive match three series.

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Sale Alert! Ace Player, MegaApp, Save Our Sheep and Accordeon, All Free!


Today’s crop of apps are all awesome freebies –

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iPhone 4S = iPhone 4 Steve and His Legacy

Amid excitement about the possible launch of the iPhone 5, a rather disappointed world was instead introduced to the iPhone 4S by new Apple CEO Tim Cook in his first public appearance in that capacity. A few hours later, Apple announced to the world that Steve Jobs had passed away. Then the rather subdued tone of the iPhone 4S launch made sense.

The death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s iconic founder and widely regarded as its heart and soul likewise raised questions, does the iPhone 4S really mean “iPhone 4 Steve” and if not, why not call it iPhone 4 Steve in honor of the man? Let’s dig a little deeper into what-isn’t-the-iPhone-5 and what could be the last – or the first of many, of the legacy of Steve Jobs.

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Tune Runner HD

I had mixed feelings about Tune Runner for the iPhone when I first reviewed it, and now with the iPad version, it’s time to revisit this unusual rhythm game from Appy Entertainment.

There isn’t anything new on the iPad version that you won’t find on the iPhone version. Your job is to help Groov-ee, the dancing boombox shimmy his way through your music tracks. Each song in your library generates its own specific and unique level to be completed, featuring beautiful background animation while you play. Obstacles come – literally – in various shapes and sizes. To hurdle them, you have draw the shape of these objects with your finger. If you draw fifteen (15) shapes in a row, you get to score bonus points.

Tune Runner HD is not your typical rhythm game, and some might even argue that strictly speaking, it’s not a rhythm game at all. Basically you draw fairly simple shapes that appear randomly and have nothing to do with the progression of the song. Once you draw all the shapes without losing your health, you complete the level.

On the iPad, the game’s underappreciated graphics and animation truly shine. Graphics are distinctly more polished and animation is smoother on the iPad. The game’s sound effects are just as crisp and clear, blending in with the music. Social gaming and online scoreboard integration is another added dimension to the game – if you’re the competitive type, then you will enjoy battling for top rank on songs in your playlist against players all over the world.

Gameplay wise, the game is still fairly simple and straightforward, and in my opinion, does not quite take advantage of the iPad’s many possibilities. The game may get boring after a while considering the predictability of the way the game handles its degree of difficulty – you start cruising and then things only pick up in quick bursts toward the end.

More shapes, power-ups, additional game modes or mini-games and a two-player set-up will certainly make the game more replayable. Still, the game does what it does well and doubles as a fun and interesting way to appreciate your music collection.

Verdict: Charming and simple music/rhythm game that with a lot of potential waiting to be tapped.

Dev: Appy Entertainment, Inc.

Link: HD version

Ver: 1.0

Category: Games

Copy: For review

Price: $1.99

Rating: 3.5/5