News: Monster Marbles: Turf War Now Out

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.02.56.png

Monster Marbles: Turf War is a free-to-play mobile game that draws on elements from games like Angry Birds and 8 Ball Pool

Adults and kids alike will be instantly hooked on this addictive mobile game that uses angles and power to strategically knock marbles off the board.  It is an excellent way for kids to learn force and trajectory. Monster Marbles is a great game for parents and even grandparents to connect with their kids and grandchildren!

Refine your skills in single player classic and attack campaigns, or play quick 1-vs-1 random matches.  Prove you are the best by competing against players from around the world in tournament-style play to win the Monster Cup!

This strategic game requires skill, a true aim and consideration – how much power should you put into your shot? What angle should you hit the marbles from? Which marble should you hit first?

Ready for your next obsession? Let’s play!


Key Features

  • Hundreds of classic, attack, multiplayer levels

  • Random online matching with players from around the world

  • Tournament-style play in the Monster Cup

  • 80+ fun monster skins

  • Collect gold and purchase different skins from the Monster Shop

  • Play against friends in real-time or turn-based action

  • Campaign and monthly tournament leaderboards


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