Out Now: Go Get Battleheart Legacy for iPhone and iPad

After being in more than two years of development, Mika Mobile’s hotly anticipated spiritual successor to Battleheartone of the best games ever on an iDevice, Battleheart Legacy has finally arrived! I just started playing it and here are some screenshots.
Battleheart Legacy is an action RPG (role playing game) that takes place in a open world that you can explore and have fun with. You can interact with various characters, wander into taverns and deserted areas, and just make your way around your new world.


You can choose what hero to play and develop your skills and powers accordingly. There are at least 200 different pieces of equipment to be found and used in the game, and 12 classes to choose from. Each hero is equipped with special abilities both active and passive.

Battleheart, in my opinion is one of the best games on the iOS platform and has remained in my device since it launched in 2011. Using easy to learn line drawing mechanics, Battleheart is a fun but intense party based combat, testing your skills in managing a party of two up to four different heroes. If you’ve played Battleheart before, you’ll find that some of the beloved characters in Battleheart have undergone a 3D makeover in Battleheart Legacy. Please note, however, that Battleheart Legacy is a solo kind of game and not the party based combat style in Battleheart.
If you haven’t played Battleheart, I suggest you pick it up and play it alongside Battleheart Legacy.
Stay tuned for an in depth review in the coming days.
For now, the verdict is INSTABUY!
Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $4.99 (no in-app purchase)
For the original Battleheart:
Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $2.99 (no in-app purchase)




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