Tips and Tricks: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 the Always Edition

I was incredibly excited when Robot Unicorn Attack 2 came out two weeks ago. Being a huge fan of the original Robot Unicorn Attack, the sequel which is awesome on so many levels, has no doubt captured our collective imagination. Having played the game extensively for some time now, let me share with you some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

If you’re new to Robot Unicorn Attack 2, read on for a bit of a walkthrough.

Dashing through the rocks

Dashing with the stars

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (Universal for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad/FREE with in-app purchase) is an endless runner type of game, the sequel to the insanely popular Flash-turned-iPhone game Robot Unicorn Attack. In Robot Unicorn Attack (Universal for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad/$0.99), you are a robot unicorn soaring to new heights in a fantasy world tinged in pink and purple, flying with metallic dolphins, dashing through obstacles and collecting fairies in the process – set to Always by Erasure, which makes the whole experience surreal and laugh out loud ridiculous. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is true to its roots, but adds a whole new level of complexity and depth to the gaming experience similar to Adult Swim/Pik Pok’s later outings such as Extinction Squad. In Robot Unicorn Attack 2 there are individual goals to achieve in order to level up (rank 15 opens up a new environment, the Ice World) as well as community goals (Team Inferno vs Team Rainbow). The main currency here is the unicorn tear which allows you to buy robot unicorns and their corresponding upgrades as well as boosts to improve your performance.

That said, read on for some tips to improve your gameplay and boost overall performance.

1) Soar high, aim for the top!

From the edge of the very first boulder you trot on, long press the jump button or jump twice to reach the higher boulder, and then long press the jump button twice again to make it to the top. You’ll find pretty scenery and a lot of unicorn tears there. Just be careful not to hit the ceiling!

2) Check if your boosts are cost-effective.

Boosts are there to improve performance, but they are also expensive when you add them up. Using boosts to improve your chances of survival will definitely eat up your available unicorn tears. For example, there’s a boost that vacuums nearby unicorn tears – quite handy for areas that are hard to reach. However, this boost costs about 200+ unicorn tears. This means that to earn back what you spent to collect more unicorn tears, you would need to earn at least 200+ unicorn tears over three wishes (or attempts). This is just one boost – there are other equally useful boosts that are more expensive. If you run out of unicorn tears, you can opt for in-app purchase (IAP), but if you want to enjoy the game without spending real money, then take this tip to heart.

3) Don’t dash randomly.

Try not to dash randomly just to get from Point A to Point B. If  you can make it by jumping alone, you can avoid crashing into boulders and whatnot when indiscriminately using the dash button.

4) The best way to spend your real money is to buy songs.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 comes with a default, Japanese-themed fantasy soundtrack – you get to buy songs once you reach level 4. It’s not bad, but it’s not Robot Unicorn Attack 2 if you don’t play the game with Always in the background. Robot Unicorn Attack 2, which is free, instead offers various musical tracks, such as Neverending Story ($0.99 each) in order to keep the game free but paying royalties for these songs in the process. Apart from making the game infinitely more enjoyable, buying one or some of the musical tracks rewards you with unicorn tears. This, in my opinion, is the best way to get a lot of unicorn tears at once with real money, instead of just buying unicorn tears with real cash.

5) To advance more quickly, use unicorn tears to skip unrealistic goals.

To level up, you need to complete certain goals that have corresponding stars. Some goals which only comprise one or two stars, are downright impossible to achieve. Depending on how much unicorn tears you have, you can opt to skip some of these goals to earn the required stars to finish a level. Others which you find doable, you can stick to and achieve.

6) Upgrades are mainly aesthetic.

While some unicorns differ in speed, the rest of the upgrades such as the mane, tail, etc. do not appear to significantly improve performance. Buy them if you like to have different horses in your stable, but don’t count on the performance enhancing come ons so much. However, to be sure, try out different horns and wings and the like that offer greater length or reach – even though they might not match your unicorn’s overall look.

Team Inferno vs Team Unicorn

Team Inferno vs Team Rainbow

7) Join Team Inferno. Choose Team Rainbow if you want to be the underdog.

Joining the community gaming competition is a great way to earn additional unicorn tears. Mind you, however,  there are far more players on Team Inferno, increasing your chances of earning rewards at the end of the day. However, since it’s the rainbow that is the minority, you can opt for Team Rainbow if you want the added challenge of somehow beating Team Inferno. Just take note that once you choose a team, it will be expensive for you to change sides later on.

8) Don’t pay your way to unlock The Ice World, just work on it.

The Ice World is a gorgeous theme that is available to those who make it to Rank 15. If you’re tempted to go straight to Ice World, you will have to fork over a lot of unicorn tears (which is a lot of real world money). Save your unicorn tears instead and work your way up via Tip No. 5.

9) When you reach around 14-15k points, watch out for the Giant Golems!

Knowing when the big guys will start to show up will help you prepare. Have the dash button ready to plow your way through these giant golems, and keep going til they disappear and reappear at a later point.

10) Get more unicorn tears via your social networks.

As with many games, you can get some free currency by posting your achievements to Twitter or Facebook. Use these if you are low on unicorn tears.

The Ice World

Please feel free to add some more tips and tricks in the comments section!


6 comments on “Tips and Tricks: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 the Always Edition

  1. Hi, the tails and manes actually can be helpfull, yuh see, they give you more jumps. HOWEVER: I agree they are a waste because if you have wings I’m sure you can make it to the flying point but if for some reason you don’t like wings (or you can’t afford the) then tails and manes can help. ENJOY!!!!!!! B-)

  2. This is a real time game, forward the date one day (ie. Setting then date and time) then play your 3 wishes then u get ur daily bonus, at day 7 the reward is 1000 tears, everyday after that is also 1000 tears. Have fun.

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