Super Juicy HD

I was a huge fan of indie iPhone gem Super Juicy long before it hit the charts when it was featured on the App Store. In an exclusive interview with Greg Hjelstrom about Super Juicy for the iPad, he gave us interesting tidbits and things to look forward to with the Super Juicy port on the iPad.

Super Juicy HD does not disappoint. Months of painstaking updates and constant feedback from fans and reviewers have resulted in a fantastic game with a a formidable slew of features, game modes and the juiciest, bubble-wrap worthy addictive popping experience ever.

The game is simple enough to be enjoyed by little kids, yet challenging for the average gamer. In Super Juicy HD your objective is to pop groups of at least three bubbles in order to fill up the meter and complete a level. You have to pop at least groups of three, otherwise the bubbles will just get bigger and fill up the screen. When the screen is bursting without space to eliminate bubbles then it’s game over. As you move up, these bubbles become a wee bit more interesting and complicated. You score more points when there are fruits inside, while certain bubbles have bombs or black holes in them which detonate bigger groups of bubbles. Now, many of these wayward bubbles are mischievous so some might grow bigger and bigger even without you doing anything.

As in the iPhone version, there are 40 levels in classic mode and different game modes (Chaos, Action, Bonus, Multiplayer) to keep bubble popping interesting. I tried out Multiplayer using my iPad and iPod Touch via Bluetooth (or maybe it was wifi), and playing with an opponent is simple, fast and irresistibly fun! In Multiplayer, you can pop a bubble that sends more bubbles to your opponent! There are achievements to earn and online scoreboards to beat, as well.

The screenshots do little justice to the gorgeous graphics, although I must say that the graphics iPad version needs a bit more tweaking to capture the level of clarity and gorgeousness in the iPhone version – the underwater theme tends to distract from the perfect way the bubbles are designed, especially the little items in them. Other backgrounds and themes would be a welcome update as well. Other than that, there is nothing more to ask for.

This gem of a game has come a long way yet remains a steal at its current price. No need to think twice when clicking the buy button, Super Juicy HD is one of the best games on the App Store and it just got bigger and better than ever!

Verdict: Gorgeous and bigger than ever, Super Juicy HD is a visual feast and a bubble-popping, match 3 delight. Now, thanks to the iPad, it’s one of the best games ever on any device!

Dev: Berzerker Games

Link: iPad version

Category: Games

Ver: 1.13

Copy: Purchased

Price: $1.99

Rating: 5/5

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