iOS Sale Alert: The Christmas App Madness is Here!


There are tons of awesome apps on sale this Christmas season, and navigating through all of these major sales might prove to be a major headache. To help you decide, here are some appSIZED sale holiday picks:


1) iAnnotate PDF ($1.99/iPad only) – for your PDF needs, this app boasts of a fairly sophisticated file management system and PDF drawing/editing software. For a free Branchfire account, you can now easily convert MS Office Files to PDF for easy marking.

2) Star Walk for iPhone ($0.99/iPhone only) – this app has been around for some time, but anyone who likes to do a bit of stargazing will enjoy this app.

3) Quickoffice PRO ($2.99/iPad only) – this is a productivity app that combines MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint and supports track changes.

4) Skyfire Web Browser ($0.99/iPad only) – is anyone still looking for Flash functionality on the web? In case you are, you can check out this app for your Flash-based web needs. Take note that the Flash sites you can access are limited so don’t expect too much!

5) Camera+ Pro for iPad ($0.99/iPad only) – if you want to jazz up your photography experience, then this app should come in handy. Many claim that it is good enough to replace the default camera app. The iPhone version is also on sale!

6) Daedalus Touch ($1.99/iPad only) – A gorgeous looking app boasting of advanced text editing features, different modes of viewing and flexible export options (including epub!) and designed for the minimalist in you.

7) Book Creator for iPad ($1.99/iPad only) – I’ve played with this app and it’s a pretty nifty, easy to use app for creating your very own iBook! Fun for storytelling and educational purposes.


There are so many games on sale right now! For the complete list, I suggest you visit the pages of EA, Gameloft, Telltale Games, Popcap, Realore, Alawar and G5 Games. Out of so many games on sale, here are some picks:

1) Cut the Rope HD ($0.99/iPad only) – Make the adorable om nom happy by catching all the stars and avoiding tricky traps in this beloved physics puzzler. The iPhone version is also on sale for only $0.99!

2) Lili ($1.99/iPad only) – This is an interesting adventure/exploration game with a bit of RPG that was even featured by Apple in its keynote. I played it for a little while and got creeped out a little because of the unreal gorgeous graphics.

3) Roads of Rome 2 ($0.99/Universal) – One of the best road building and time management games out there, universal build and only less than a dollar. What’s not to love about this game? Btw, Roads of Rome 3 is also on sale!

4) Eufloria HD ($2.99/iPad only) – A unique real time strategy game hailed by Apple as one of the best games of 2012. Looks quite relaxing and the gameplay must be very interesting.

5) Bookworm ($0.99/iPhone only) – A classic word puzzle game that consists of a very adorable bookworm, letter-tiles to be burned up, and libraries to save. Take note however that this app hasn’t been updated since 2009 so don’t expect it to be retina ready or iOS 6 ready either.

6) Monopoly Millionaires for iPad ($0.99/iPad only) – The latest addition to the classic Monopoly franchise, this game for the big leagues should be a bit more interesting and fun than its predecessors.

7) Fieldrunners 2 HD ($2.99/ iPad only) – One of the best games of the year for less than $3! The ultimate tower defense game, in my opinion. I reviewed it and Fieldrunners (the original) side by side here.

8) Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 ($0.99/iPad only) – Harry Potter fans, check out this interesting action adventure game and relive the magical series in this game. The second installment, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 is likewise on sale for less than a dollar!

9) Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD ($0.99/iPad only) – if you love racing and adventure games, then you should check out this massive markdown sale.

10) Jelly Defense ($0.99/Universal) – one of appSIZED’s top 10 games for 2011 and one of the best tower defense games out there, grab this adorable and quirky game while it’s on sale!

H(APP)Y SHOPPING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Catch appSIZED’s 2012 edition of the best games to come out for the iPhone and iPad this year.







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