Fawning Over Felines? Show My Cat is Instagram for Kitties


Love cats? Love looking at kitty photos? Show My Cat promises itself to be your very own kitty Instagram, featuring photos of your beloved feline. No more “spamming” your Facebook friends with kitty photos, here, you have your own space to share your kitty photos with fellow cat lovers.

Show My Cat is a free app, and signing up for an account is easy. One-click integration lets you hook up your account with Facebook and Twitter, letting you post your photos in a single go. You can customize your photos with built-in photo filters à la Instagram but unfortunately there are no photo frames to go with your preferred design. Here’s a regular photo of my ragdoll kitten Blackbolt:

Here he is with the custom filter applied:

Blackbolt custom filter on Show My Cat

Blackbolt through rose colored glasses


With a bit of Twitter thrown in, you can see trending photos for the day:

Trending photos in Show My Cat

Blackbolt is trending!

People can “like” your photos by hitting the “awww” button (pawprint icon), leave comments on the photo, share it on Facebook/Twitter, and follow your account. You can likewise keep track of the likes and comments on your photos in the Activity section.

The app, as you can see, is pretty basic. The easy to understand, smooth as butter and easy to use UI should be familiar to any Instagram or Twitter user. Other than this, however, there isn’t much to give Show My Cat an edge, considering that there are far more Instagram users and dedicated hash tags will more or less give you the same result – photos of cute kitties all over the world. It would be nice if one could “create” a kitty profile with useful information such as weight, breed, interests (napping, for example) and other interesting little details fellow cat owners would like to know.

I love the concept behind Show My Cat, don’t get me wrong, but I think the app needs to build on its potential. Its best bet would be to cultivate a global community of cat lovers but to do so, it would need to include more features unique to the app. Achievements/awards would be nice, for example.

In addition, while Show My Cat is free, there aren’t that many users on this particular social networking app yet. Making it a universal version might attract more users. Providing more unique information and features would definitely set this app apart from similar feline-centric apps. As it is, it’s a pretty awesome app but don’t expect it to replace your Instagram just yet.


Rating: 4 out of 5

App: Show My Cat

Price: FREE

Copy: Purchased

Device: iPhone

Developer: Byte Flux



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