iOS App Review: Magic Academy 2 HD

Magic Academy 2 HD is a Harry Potter-esque approach to hidden object games – look for ingredients, potions and spells and uncover the mystery behind a missing magical treatise that threatens to destroy the wizarding world.


Magic Academy 2 on appSIZED

If you’re into hidden object games, then the mechanics of Magic Academy 2 HD will no doubt be familiar. It is but a variation on so many hidden object/adventure games that available in the App Store. The tutorial is easy to understand and walks you through the important and new aspects of the game. If you’re new to hidden object games, this game is the perfect start for you.


Content wise, we’ve seen it all before, but in Magic Academy 2 HD there’s a healthy mix of object hunting, spot the difference and puzzle solving. The most inportant part is that because of the story, there is a purpose to your object-hunting, which helps break the monotony a little. A limited foray into spell casting is a nice twist that should be developed in future sequels.


Here’s a bit of spot the difference:

Magic Academy 2 HD
The game, broken up into chapters, lets you focus on the objective at hand without getting lost in the complicated storyline. The structured approach might not be for everyone though, but for those who play in quick bursts, the chapter by chapter approach works nicely.

Graphics are a-okay, mixing up animated photos of actual people (well, wizards) and adding a bit of animation to the hidden object scenes. The animation for the speaking parts is terrible and the voice acting is borderline hokey. I find myself skipping the dialogue for a number of reasons – the “script” is too verbose and takes quite a bit of time to finish, the animation is awkward and puppet-like, and the voices are just irritating. Ideally, the cut scenes provide the backbone of the adventure part of the game so it’s a shame to skip them. An option to mute the voice part and leaving the subtitles in would be nice.


Ulimately, who can resist a story about magic? While magic academy may not be the groundbreaking, magical hidden object adventure you’re looking for, it’s fun, charming and solidly executed. You get 50 levels for $4.99, and a smooth gaming experience overall. This game is quite cheaper compared to its equally glossy counterparts, and offers a decent storyline for those who are looking for something more substantial than just object hunting.

App: Magic Academy 2 HD (Full/Lite)
Price: $4.99
Copy: Provided by the developer
Developer/Publisher: Nevosoft
Ver: 1.0.1

Total rating : 4/5






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