Sale Alert: Super Juicy and Super Juicy HD are now FREE!

The awesome bubble popping game Super Juicy and its iPad counterpart, Super Juicy HD are now FREE!

Thanks to the latest update to the game, the bubbles are now easier to see!

You can check out the review here.

Incidentally, the developer, Greg Hjelstrom, is a very good friend of appSIZED and let me thank him again for his unwavering support of this site. Thank you and best of luck to your upcoming endeavors!

Super Juicy HD

I was a huge fan of indie iPhone gem Super Juicy long before it hit the charts when it was featured on the App Store. In an exclusive interview with Greg Hjelstrom about Super Juicy for the iPad, he gave us interesting tidbits and things to look forward to with the Super Juicy port on the iPad.

Super Juicy HD does not disappoint. Months of painstaking updates and constant feedback from fans and reviewers have resulted in a fantastic game with a a formidable slew of features, game modes and the juiciest, bubble-wrap worthy addictive popping experience ever.

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