Adobe Discontinues Flash support for Mobile Devices: Steve Jobs Vindicated?

(Steve Jobs holding up the first gen iPad, a major mobile device that does not run Flash natively)

Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind. – Steve Jobs, April 2010

One of the biggest gripes against the iPad and iOS devices in general is the lack of Flash support, and the availability of Flash on Android an advantage for the latter. Flash powers thousands of web games, and many sites use Flash for media content, such as videos – as in the case of YouTube. Apple’s refusal to run Flash natively was most evident when it launched the iPad in 2010, where with a bigger screen for web browsing, sites that run Flash inevitably suggest that the latest Adobe Flash Player version be downloaded. This in turn has spawned apps that attempted to circumvent such restriction and leaving iDevice owners to resort to jailbreak to be able to run Flash on their devices.

Steve Jobs’ contempt for Flash and the word war between him and Adobe is one of the biggest standoffs in tech. Jobs has characterized Flash as a battery hog, riddled with security holes and a product of lazy developers. Adobe likewise lashed at Jobs for not supporting Flash on the iPad, claiming that Adobe advocates openness versus Apple’s closed, proprietary systems. Jobs was so incensed, in fact, that he personally wrote an essay in 2010 on why Apple will never run Flash on its mobile devices.

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Steve Jobs Official Bio Now Out on iBooks!

The world mourned the loss of Apple founder and former CEO, the mercurial Steve Jobs who died of complications from a rare pancreatic disease on October 5 at age 56. Now, the no holds barred story of Steve Jobs is finally out today in iBooks for the iPhone and iPad, and in Amazon for the Kindle.

Just got my notification email for the pre-order of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson a few minutes ago (price is $17.99 for the digital copy). However, I’m having problems accessing the store after clicking the “download pre-order now” link. Update: was able to access link and received a notification that all pre-orders have been successfully completed. Download time apparently seems really slooow. I don’t know how pre-ordering the book helped me in this scenario. Figured out the problem – a pending iTunes download was being prioritized over my Steve Jobs purchase. Once I paused that iTunes download, Steve Jobs purchase proceeded smoothly.

Have you downloaded Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson yet? Share your thoughts below!

Steve Jobs Day in Manila: Pinoys Pay Tribute

Amid the Friday madness/payday traffic, my good friend Debbz and I braved the roads to catch Steve Jobs Day in Manila, at the Rockwell tent in Makati (hopefully we’ll see a repeat next year). Here’s appSIZED (basically moi) at the big event:

appSIZED at Steve jobs day Manila

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iPhone 4S = iPhone 4 Steve and His Legacy

Amid excitement about the possible launch of the iPhone 5, a rather disappointed world was instead introduced to the iPhone 4S by new Apple CEO Tim Cook in his first public appearance in that capacity. A few hours later, Apple announced to the world that Steve Jobs had passed away. Then the rather subdued tone of the iPhone 4S launch made sense.

The death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s iconic founder and widely regarded as its heart and soul likewise raised questions, does the iPhone 4S really mean “iPhone 4 Steve” and if not, why not call it iPhone 4 Steve in honor of the man? Let’s dig a little deeper into what-isn’t-the-iPhone-5 and what could be the last – or the first of many, of the legacy of Steve Jobs.

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Steve Jobs: 1955-2011 (A Personal Tribute)

Steve Jobs

The world lost a genius and great business leader today. There are many tributes to Steven Paul Jobs on this sad day; I’d like to add my own thoughts.

I knew this day would come, but I didn’t realize it would be this soon. I suppose all of us should be so lucky to have been alive and know at least one great person who did amazing things and changed the world. Right now, I cannot help but remember a headline that came out when John Lennon was killed – “The Day The Music Died.” That’s how I will always think about today that Steve Jobs has finally left this world.

There is no one like Steve Jobs, who is closer to great artists and visionaries like Leonardo Da Vinci than he is to our notion of a CEO, yet he was both. His affinity to art and how he shaped science and technology according to his vision is unique and unparalleled. How he shared with us his vision and how he made us love Apple, to the point of fanaticism is not a mere marketing gimmick or sleight of hand. His gumption and commitment to doing what he loved, even at great personal risk, is perhaps the best thing we can remember about him as the CEO of the greatest tech company in the world.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs, for everything. For the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. These are not just fancy gadgets, these are tools by which our lives were made simpler. These are means by which we could appreciate and understand this increasingly complex world. Thank you for making aluminum, glass and tiny metal chips into magical objects to help us see the world in a different light. Thank you, for changing the world.