iOS App Review: Magic Defenders

Magic Defenders on appSIZED

Magic Defenders is not your usual castle defense game – thanks to its cleverly executed and fast-paced gameplay, a bit of RPG-type character customization and a charming and quirky art style offers a much needed break from the monotony and familiarity of the genre. 

Magic Defenders is one example that castle defense need not be monotonous, or boring. You can choose from two characters with different spell casting strengths and cast three different kinds of powerful spells to take out advancing enemies, creating some kind of magical vortex where the spells are applied. For example, the fire spell summons a huge ball of fire to eliminate groups of enemies. 


On the other hand, the snare spell arrests your enemies’ movements, making your spells more damaging and effective.  



While the game mechanics sounds fairly straightforward, in application, the gameplay is fresh and interesting. Howver, it’s not as content rich as I would like it to be. There are three levels only, the third being endless mode, and only three spells to cast. This, the game doesn’t feel quite finished yet. More characters, levels and spells to work with would make this game a solid, even amazing castle defense title. 

Castle defense fans who are looking for something new and fun, you might want to check this game out. Those who aren’t into this genre and are looking to spend $0.99 might want to put this on your to buy list as well. Hopefully the developers will continue supporting this app and adding new content to make it a game that you can sink your teeth into.  




App: Magic Defenders (Universal) 

Price: $0.99 

Copy: Provided by the developer 

Developer/Publisher: Clueless Ideas 


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