From Revolutionary to Resolutionary: Should You Buy The New (3rd Gen) iPad?

You say you want a resolution?* The revolution happened in 2010, when the iPad was first introduced (to insane Internet frenzy, if I may add). Since the iPad was introduced in 2010, the iPad cannibalized PCs and netbooks, singlehandedly spawned a new category of mobile computing device and plenty of competitors, and revolutionized the way we interact with computers.The iPad is a game changing device, loved many times over for its beauty, speed, portability, and accessibility and criticized for the same old reasons – no USB port, no expandable storage card, the closed nature of its operating system, etc.The iPad 2 was a significant upgrade in terms of looks and capacity. The boxier iPad gave way to a svelte form, and a white variant was introduced. Still, many tech bloggers found the upgrade not compelling enough, since it did not come with the much-anticipated retina display then only found on the iPhone 4.The new iPad (3rd gen) looks just like the iPad 2, only a little bit thicker and heavier. On the inside, there are improvements to the hardware and processor. Now that the 3rd generation is out, the burning question is, should you get one? Continue reading